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Popular Wanaka Walking Tracks Your Dog Will Love!

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

We all know that we live in one of the most beautiful towns in the country and are lucky enough to have access to so many walking tracks! Wanaka seems to be in its own little bubble, graced with good weather (most of the time), beautiful mountains and gorgeous lakes and rivers. But having so many different tracks to choose from can make it hard to know where to take your furry friend on a walk they’ll have a blast on!

So here at Wanaka Dog Walking & Pet Sitting, we have come up with a list of what we think are the best 3 casual walking tracks to take your dog for a walk in the area. Not only that, we’ve also rated the tracks on accessibility, how likely you are to come across bikers, and if it’s popular with tourists.

Here goes:


Bremner Bay

Bremner Bay is such a good spot to take your dogs, mainly because it’s near the lakefront, close to town and it’s a flat, casual track. From Bremner Bay, you head towards the Outlet Track which gives your dog a good, steady walk and they’re sure to meet other friendly dogs on the way! And the great thing is, when you reach Beacon Point/Outlet Track you can turn back to Bremner Bay, rest assured your dog has had a good walk, or you can decide to carry on onto the Outlet Track to make it a super long walk.


Very good. Close to town, no bumpy dirt roads. Plenty of parking nearby.

Popular With Tourists:

Yes. Tourists looking for a calm walk along the lakeside enjoy it here.

Likely to Come Across Cyclists: Yes. It’s flat here so an easy track, they are usually cruising through this part though, you shouldn’t get fast ones that you need to jump out of the way for


Outlet Track

Now, this is one of my favourites. The Outlet Track is very long and you can access it from different locations. It doesn’t matter if you decide to start at Albert Town, Outlet Rd (just off Aubrey Road) or Beacon Point - with this track you’ll have a lovely walk alongside the water with plenty of little beach (which ensures that your dog will have a good time!) with beautiful views.


So-so. When accessed from Beacon Point or Outlet Road the roads are mainly unsealed. If you go from Albert Town, then it is a bit out of Wanaka but easy access, no long dirt roads. The track itself is made up of different terrain and there are some hilly parts.

Popular With Tourists:

Not really. All access locations are a bit out of the way which means most tourists won’t stumble upon it.

Likely to Come Across Cyclists: Definitely. Because of the type of track this is, it’s very popular with cyclists, it’s a good one to ride from Wanaka to Albert Town.


Waterfall Creek

The Waterfall Creek Track is stunning from start to finish. It runs from the lakefront in Wanaka (where That Wanaka Tree can be seen), past Edgewater and Rippon Winery and winds up at Waterfall Creek, where you can enjoy the stunning view of Ruby Island.

Although the beginning of the track is quite busy, since it’s a popular photography spot and Edgewater brings heaps of tourists in for summer, once you have walked past those, there aren’t as many people on the track.

This is an amazing place to go if you have a dog that likes to socialise and come across new smells. And, much like the other tracks in and around Wanaka, it is by the lake, which means if your dog loves to swim, he/she will be very impressed with this track.


Very good. Close to town centre, lots of parking spaces. A flat and well maintained track.

Popular With Tourists:

Super popular. That Wanaka Tree makes this the #1 spot in town, but the track gets quieter the further you go.

Likely to Come Across Cyclists:

Yes. Not too many cyclists here but you do get the odd one that wants an easy track close to town (especially popular with rental bikes so you may come across a few wobbly riders!)


So, those are the three tracks we think are easy and fun and that dogs will have a good time on! Of course there are many more options, especially if you look at the longer and harder tracks that run through the hills and along the rivers, but we think Bremner Bay, Waterfall Creek Track and the Outlet Track are pretty great for a casual walk filled with fun!

Let us know in the comments which is your favourite.

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