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Tips For A Stress-Free Grooming Experience For Your Dog

Let’s be honest - a lot of dogs don’t LOVE their dog grooming appointments. Most are fine with it, some just tolerate it, but some are REALLY anxious about coming.

When we groom an anxious dog is can really affect how much we’re able to do, how polished we can get the groom, and of course it can affect your dog’s well-being (the most important thing!)

Here are our tips for you to help your dog have a positive experience at their future dog grooming appointments!

Regular grooming appointments

If you have a dog who’s anxious about grooming the best thing you can do for them is to help them see it as a normal part of life. Not something ‘terrible’ that happens a couple times a year.

The other thing about leaving too long between appointments is it means when they do come, it’s going to take a lot longer and could be more uncomfortable for them due to the extra work that needs doing.

Lead by example

It’s true that dog’s feed off our own energy. If you’re nervous about bringing your dog for a groom, it’s very likely your dog will feel nervous too. If you don’t feel you can leave your dog without an emotional goodbye, see if you can have a friend or family member drop them off instead. I promise your dog is in good hands and they will feel happier not thinking you’re worried about leaving them.

Walk your dog before their appointment

We don’t care if they roll in a puddle and get really dirty just before they come, they’re getting a bath anyway! A dog who has expended some energy and done all their business before their appointment is much more likely to be settled during it.

Arrive a little early

This will give us plenty of time to chat to you about your dog’s appointment, and to allow your dog time for a little sniff around and to say hello to us all before getting straight into it. 10 minutes early is perfect!

Pick your dog up promptly

Remember being the last kid to be picked up at school? Hanging around for hours after their appointment may make your dog anxious about when or even IF you’re coming back. If you’re prompt to pick up they’ll remember next time that you will be back!

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