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The Best 3 Durable Toys For Your Dog

Dogs love their toys! Of course they find it fun to try and destroy something, but more importantly, chewing and playing with different toys is mentally stimulating for our canine companions. Not to mention, having their owner engaging in the activity, playing with the toy, strengthens the bond between the dog and human.

Because of this, it's good for dogs to have a variety of toys to choose from.

If you have a dog that is anything like the two Labradors I have at home, then you will go through many, many, many dog toys in a lifetime, buying ones that are labelled "indestructible" only to find out a week later, that they are not, in fact, indestructible. Whilst it's not a guarantee that your aggressive chewer of a dog won't be able to rip or break any of these toys listed below, we do believe they have a better chance at staying in one piece. So, what are the best 3 durable toys for your dog? Let's find out...

1. Nylabone Wishbone

Known for their durable chewing toys, Nylabone is a company that many dog owners turn to when they're looking for something that will last longer than one play session. The Nylabone Wishbone is a toy that is praised for its strength, and whilst they can be chewed up over time, they won't be thrown in the bin after being torn to bits or snapping within a week. You can buy this toy in two sizes (regular, or wolf for the bigger dogs) from Nylabone's own website.

Alternatively, the Nylabone Dental Dinosaur is a great option for strong chewers, as well as being good for your dog's teeth and gums. It's available here at Pet Connect NZ.

2. Kong

You've probably heard of Kong, and the chances of your furry friend owning a Kong is quite high as dogs and owners alike, are obsessed with them. And for good reason! These strong and durable toys are great for no-mess chewing, unpredictable bouncing, and are easy to stuff with treats to promote long sessions of mental stimulation. Not only are the puppy and classic Kongs quite tough, there is an ultra-durable version, The Kong Extreme, for the compulsive chewer in your life! These must-have toys are available at most pet stores, including Pet NZ and Pet Connect NZ.

3. Mammoth Flossy Chews Cotton Blend 3-Knot Rope

Ropes are great for playing tug of war, and working your canine's jaw. There are many rope toys out there which are cheap to buy, but easy to destroy. One rope toy that is popular and has a ton of impressive reviews is the Mammoth Flossy Chews Cotton Blend 3-Knot Rope (what a mouthful!). Now, this has been said to be a very large and heavy toy but it is praised for being long-lasting among aggressive chewers. Check them out for yourself on amazon, in different sizes and colours.

Of course, there are plenty of other toys you mind find for your dog that will surprise you, and you'll come to adore because of their durability and ability to completely preoccupy your dog. These selected 3 are just few of the good ones that we would recommend!

Do you have a toy that has lasted a good few months or even years, despite your dog's insistence on ripping it to shreds? Let us know in the comments! We're always on the look out for different durable dog toys.

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