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Positive Dog Trainers You NEED To Know About

There are free videos and articles all over the internet which can be an amazing resource for finding out the information you need to know in a flash. But like everything else, not all dog training methods were created equal! So how do you know which advice to listen to, and which to ignore? Here we've compiled a list of some of our favorite POSITIVE trainers around the world that we think are worth following:

1. Karen Pryor

Why do we like her?

Two words: clicker training. While clicker training was orignally 'invented' in the 40s (primarily in the training of marine animals) it didn't really catch on in the dog training world until the late 80s when Karen Pryor and Gary Wilkes applied the methodology to dog training and began giving seminars to dog owners (more information about the history of clicker training here). Clicker training is now probably the most widely used method of positive reinforcement training, and arguably the most effective. For those who want to find out more about how to use a clicker properly, Karen's videos and books are a great place to start. She also runs an academy for aspiring dog trainers which is one of the most respected courses in the industry worldwide.

Where can you follow her?

2. Ian Dunbar

Why do we like him?

My first introduction to dog training when I was 8 years old. We'd just brought home our first dog, Tess - a rescue with a LOT of issues! So we enrolled in some local classes and my mum found this video - Dog Training For Children with Ian Dunbar (whew, 1997! Talk about a throwback) so we could all pitch in and help train Tess together... and we did! So that's why I like him, he's pretty much the reason dogs take up so much of my life all these years later. Combined with the fact he's a world-renowned veterinarian and animal behaviourist, in fact one of the pioneers of the positive reinforcement training methodology that we use daily today.

Where can you follow him?

3. Victoria Stilwell

Why do we like her?

Victoria Stilwell is the star of the popular TV show "It's Me Or The Dog", and while there are some TV personality 'dog trainers' I would absolutely warn you off, Victoria is the real deal. She's a passionate advocate for positive reinforcement training and animal welfare, multi award winning, director of her own non-profit (The Victoria Stilwell Foundation, providing training and financial assistance to small rescues and assistance dog organisations), runs a world-renowned training academy... and so much more. In fact I don't think there's anything this fabulous lady can't do. Have a read for yourself here.

Where can you follow her?

4. Zak George

Why do we like him?

Zak's methods are engaging, interesting, and he really makes some training easy for the everyday dog owner to understand. His videos are short and to the point and feature real life examples of issues that are so common for many of us. I stumbled across one of Zak's YouTube videos when I was looking for ideas to pass onto a client about how to stop her dog charging out through the door every time it was opened (the video below!) and while at first I was put off by the speedy camera moves and over-energetic soundtrack, I stuck it out and I'm so glad I did. Zak's videos are now go-tos for me whenever I need to look something up or get ideas about an issue we're experiencing with a client dog.

Where can you follow him?

5. Absolute Dogs (Tom Mitchell and Lauren Langman)

Why do we like them?

Tom and Lauren are the ultimate power partnership of the dog training world. Tom is a veterinarian and behaviourist and Lauren is a world-class agility competitor who owns and runs the biggest dog training centre in the UK. They joined forces to bring us Absolute Dogs which is a series of videos that teach us how to train our dogs first and foremost through games and play - based on the idea that if your dog is enjoying what they're doing while training, they're going to learn much more quickly. These guys first appeared to me on a sponsored Facebook post a couple of years ago and I was so happy to find a method of training that would be genuinely fun for both dog and handler, with proven results and based on the science of canine behaviour. Their videos are available on DVD format through their website, but if you follow them on Facebook and Instagram they will often have special offers making some of these DVDs cheap or even sometimes free.

Where can you follow them?


Who are your favourite dog trainers, and why? Make sure to let us know!

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