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Heading Away? More Information About Our Pet Care Options

Leaving your pets behind when you're out of town for a few nights can be a worry. Who do you trust to look after them? Will they cause any trouble? Is it fair to leave them?

Here in Wanaka, pet owners are lucky to have such a variety of pet care services available. From leaving the dog with a friend to having someone drop in on the cats; if you know what your pets' needs are, you should be able to find pet care to suit them.

Why Wanaka Dog Walking & Pet Sitting?

At Wanaka Dog Walking & Pet Sitting, we offer different pet care services which you can choose from when you leave Wanaka for a few days. We have standard options of drop-in visits, walks and overnight pet sitting or we can work with you to create a combination of these services to ensure your pet is well looked after.

The team at Wanaka Dog Walking & Pet Sitting have been trained and have experience looking after dogs, cats and other animals such as horses and chickens. We know pet first aid, can administer medication (including injections), and we always try and accommodate any other needs for you and your pets.

Wanaka Dog Walking & Pet Sitting have been the choice of pet care provider for many pet owners since 2014!

Drop-In Visits

Drop-in visits are daily visits for all types of animals. The visit can be up to 20 minutes, or we can arrange a longer visit on request. This service includes feeding, refreshing litter trays, toilet let-out, administering medication and any other care duties as required! They are perfect for a peace of mind, knowing your pet will be cared for, and will have some attention and interaction during the day.

"Emily and the team are amazing! My two cats were in good hands while I was away. I came home to a nice clean house and two happy cats. She gave me regular updates. I highly recommend!" Sarah Ludwig

Drop-in visits are suitable for animals left alone for a long day, or for those left overnight. Cats and other small animals might only need one visit a day, but when it comes to dogs, we will require a minimum number of visits to ensure they aren't left alone for too long. For example, we might suggest two daily visits for dogs who have full access to appropriate sheltered and outside area, or one drop-in visit and one walk. Dogs who are left kennelled inside the house without a dog door would require 3 visits to ensure adequate toilet breaks and time to stretch the legs. 

Overnight Pet Sitting

This service comes in handy for anyone who is looking to have their pets looked after in their own home. One of our trusted team members will provide one-on-one care for your pets from 7pm to 8am overnight, this includes all animal care (feeds, playtime, and walks). Additional drop-in visits or walks during the day can also be added. Pet sitting is appropriate for short breaks, longer holidays or work-away trips.

"Thanks Emily and her team. It is wonderful to know that we can go away and Zuri and the cats are so well cared for. Miriam you are fantastic. Four nights and for us not a worry in the world. Just loved the pictures and stories. So great to know they can be cared for in your own home. See you soon thank you heaps 💞" Jan Grant

Overnight pet sitting is a great alternative to taking your pets to the kennel/cattery. It can be for one dog, two cats, two dogs and a cat, a dog and some chickens or whatever little pet family you have - our staff are experienced in providing all sorts of animal care, so you can be sure they will be in safe hands. And the best part is, your pets will feel safe and relaxed in a familiar environment, following their usual routine - which means no stress!

To find out more about what we offer, please visit our website. We are more than happy to tailor some services, and help you mix and match the services to suit your needs.

We hope to see you and your pets soon!

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