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Best Toys To Keep Your Cat Entertained

Cats are curious creatures. They love a good challenge and the perfect toy for a kitty is something that's going to keep them entertained in between roaming around, napping and eating!

Not all cats are the same, and a toy that one couldn't live without, might be of no interest to another. Think about your cat's personality; are they are sneaky? bouncy? lazy? Then get a toy that will work well with your kitty's character.

The essentials for a cat are probably little mice toys and fluffy teasing wands... they work for most felines and gets them all riled up and in the mood to play! But in this post we'll show you some different toys and contraptions that your cat will thank you for:

A Fun Tunnel

Playing hide and seek bring cats great joy, and to be able to hide, play, and roll around in a tunnel is super fun. Tunnels can keep your kitty occupied if they are in a playful mood. They can take their toys in there to play with, roll around and tire themselves out running in and out, or they can just lie in there, seeking comfort from being in their own space. Tunnels are purrrrfect if you have multiple cats, as it can encourage them to play hide and seek and tease each other (without messing up your curtains)!

Tunnels are quite cheap to buy, and you can even get some that have toys attached, or multiple entrances/exits to keep your cat busier for longer.

This Trouble & Trix Bliss Cat Tunnel, which you can buy at Animates for $32.27 (down from $39.99), includes a hanging toy for your kitty to play with in the tunnel. It also has colourful stripes on it which felines will love as their eyes are attracted to patterns.

Play Circuit

To keep a cat from being destructive, you need them to be engrossed in their toys. Play circuits or any sort of ball-chasing devices are amazing at keeping kitties entertained. This kind of toy would be especially handy if you have a couple of cats, who could enjoy the chase and the competition together (as long as they're not bad losers, of course!).

There are big and small play circuits out there for your cat, so if you aren't sure about having a big bulky ball circuit in your home then try a smaller version - the good thing is, these fun activities aren't too expensive to buy!

An example of a great play circuit is the Catit Design Senses Play Circuit from Pet Connect, for only $35.99. It will keep your cat's eye on the ball, and any cat that loves a chase and a challenge will find this one captivating!

Scratching Platform

Scratching platforms are such a great way for cats to be playful. The main entertainment, of course, is the scratching pole. Cats love these for a few reasons: to stretch their body, flex their paws, and keep down their claws. If you get a scratching platform on the tall side, your kitty will love getting up onto the different levels, and will even find comfort in relaxing at the top. Some platforms also have teasing toys attached for when your kitty is lively.

These can be on the expensive side, depending on the size and complexity of the scratching platform you decide on, but they really are worth it if your cat loves scratching and relaxing.

This PetPals Terre Cat Scratcher (above, right) from Pet for $111.96 (down from $139.95) is just one example of a scratching platform that ticks all the boxes... Scratching pole, height and levels, hideout, attached toys. What more could a kitty want?


These three feline-friendly toys are great options when you're looking for something a bit more than wand teasers and little catnip toys. It's important that your cat's brain is being simulated on a daily basis, as well as having a good exercise, and these three will definitely give you that. They will also occupy your furry friends and keep them engrossed, which is a sure way of knowing your kitty won't be bored when they're home alone!

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