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Benefits of Crate Training Your Puppy

We know that when you welcome a new puppy into your family, you want to make sure you do things the right way. All the information out there can be overwhelming, so we wanted to address an important question you probably have. Should I crate train my puppy, and why?

We think crate training is beneficial to both your puppy and to you, and here are five benefits we wanted to share that you may not have thought about:

1. Keep them out of mischief! We can guarantee there will be lots of things in your house that he/she would love to get hold of. Imagine all the fun they could have when left to their own devices! However you probably won't feel the same enjoyment when you come home to chewed up couches, clothes, shoes and other important things about your home.

2. Keep them safe.

Not only can your things be expensive to replace if your puppy gets hold of them, but they can also cause them serious harm. Even a small piece of swallowed material can cause an intestinal blockage - which could mean major surgery which is risky for a pup so young, and also means expensive vet bills you could probably do without. It's also worth remembering that many things that are perfectly safe for us to eat are NOT safe for your dog.

3. Keep them inside!

Many dog owners choose to keep their dogs outside while they're away from home during the day, or at night to sleep. However in very cold or hot weather this isn't always the best option for your dog's health and safety. Outdoor kennels also tend to be more expensive than an indoor crate too, especially when you factor in the necessary insulation. Or if they won't be kenneled outside you'll need to think about secure fencing around your property.

By properly crate training your dog you'll be able to keep them safe and secure inside the house, out of the elements and safe from any external dangers.

4. Keep them happy!

A properly crate trained puppy will see their crate as their safe space. This means that they will have their own little retreat to escape to when things are a little bit overwhelming. When you have guests over for a dinner-party, or your friends bring round their over-enthusiastic toddler, or any other reason they might feel they need to have some time to themselves.

5. Keep them with you!

We get so many inquiries from holiday-makers who have rented a house for their Wanaka holiday. They come to us looking for a daycare facility, which is not what we are. When we suggest our drop-in service they tell us they can't leave their dog at the property because they don't quite trust him not to chew the furniture. We totally understand that dilemma and do agree that a dog could feel more anxious in the unfamiliar surroundings of a rented holiday home. So, how much easier would it be in these cases if your dog has been crate trained and you can simply transport their 'safe space' along with you? Your dog can stay happy in their crate for the day and we can pop in throughout the day to give them the care they need. Something to think about if you plan to travel with your pup!

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