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A Pet Friendly Holiday In Wanaka

Are you from out-of-town but visit regularly? Want to bring your furry friend along with you next time? Or, do you have friends/family that are coming down to our little piece of paradise that are in need of accommodation that will suit their pets?

Wanaka has a great range of pet friendly accommodation, set up by people that are more than happy seeing owners bring their pets along for a holiday! So, we're going to let you in on where these gems are hidden and what you should think about when bringing your pet on your next adventure in Wanaka.

The great thing about bringing your dog with you for a holiday, whether it's for a weekend or a whole week is that you don't have to worry about care for them whilst you're away from home! No need for a friend or family member to take responsibility for them, no need for a house/pet sitter, no need to pay to keep them at the kennels. Having them by your side on your holiday is reassuring, fun and will make everyone in the family happy, no doubt.

Things To Consider

Is it for me and my pet? Bringing your pet along for the holiday is exciting, and for some it might even be a bit daunting, but a huge positive about doing it is that it suits all type of pets, and any kind of personalities. Whether you have an excitable dog, a shy dog, a friendly dog, unsociable, lovable, a dog that loves swimming and hiking, or staying at home and being lazy, it really doesn't matter, because they're going to have a good time regardless. After all, their human is bringing them along on an adventure! ...The only time we would recommend not to bring your pet on a getaway to Wanaka is if they are terrible on car rides, you don't want a long drive with a sick dog in the back (eek!).

What kind of accommodation are we talking about? Around here, holiday rentals come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes: B&Bs, self contained units, lodges, holiday parks, and more. Wanaka has a variety of pet friendly holiday accommodation so you can choose what you think would be better suited for you and your pet.

Can't entertain them 24/7? If you're planning on bringing a dog on holiday with you, but don't want to take them everywhere you go, or are worried about leaving them at the accommodation for too long then let us put your mind at rest. Wanaka Dog Walking & Pet Sitting was set up for this exact reason, whether the pet is staying at their own home or in temporary accommodation, we're here to give a helping hand. We can drop in on your pet to let them out to the toilet, feed them, refresh their water and play with them, or we can take your dog for a good, fun walk whilst you're having a day out. We'll come to them, and you won't have to worry about your animal companion going without interaction all day.

What about a camping holiday with pets? Local holiday parks have different policies on allowing pets on their grounds; some are strictly no pets, some allow pets all year round, and others will allow dogs on certain terms and conditions. If you find yourself bringing a dog along in your campervan, or to stay in a tent with you, then it would be wise to consider the conditions and whether it is going to work out with what you have planned with your time in Wanaka. Unfortunately, we at Wanaka Dog Walking & Pet Sitting cannot make any visits to tents or vans, nor would be be able to take your dog for a walk from there. We also don't offer daycare or boarding - something to keep in mind!

Accommodation book up fast - Being such a popular spot for getaways, accommodation in Wanaka can get booked up months in advance so it's best to get on the phone and book your holiday as soon as you can if you've got your eye on a particular pet friendly accommodation.

Hiking with your dog - Wanaka is an amazing destination for a break filled with hiking, walking, cycling and taking in scenery. Because of this, as well as being able to swim and play in the lake in all seasons, it is the perfect place for a dog! However, if you are planning all-day or overnight hiking trips, then it's important to know whether your dog is going to manage it. Things such as the weather, distance, slope, food and water, and camping in a tent on the way should be considered. Also, it's worth noting that on many of the most popular hikes (including Mt Roy and any in Mt Aspiring National Park) dogs are not permitted. For our favourite walks, check out our previous blog post here.

Wanaka's Pet Friendly Accommodations

Here is a list of places we have found to be pet friendly accommodation in the area:

Wanaka Holiday Accommodation

Wanaka Holiday Accommodation offers a variety of accommodation (bach, cottage, house, apartment) that are beautifully located with stunning views. And the best part is -

"All of [the] houses and apartments are Pet Friendly!!" Take a look at what they offer here.

The Farm

"We have many accommodation options, we are close to ski fields and loads of fun and exciting activities. You will love feeding the animals and enjoy staying with us as we will truly spoil you. A romantic weekend, a fun group event or small weddings. We cater for all and you will love staying with us on The Farm Wanaka." For more information, visit their website here.

Te Wanaka Lodge

"Te Wanaka is located within walking distance of the stunning Lake Wanaka, and the village’s restaurants, shops and golf course, " it is labelled as Pet Friendly on a booking site, or you can visit their website here and enquire about their terms.

Archway Motels

"Relax, enjoy and experience our quiet, secluded, yet central location with its sunny and spacious aspect of mountain, bush and garden views in a 0.8 hectare park-like setting" Pet accommodation for Archway Motels is by prior arrangement only. See here for more on this accommodation.

Lake Outlet Holiday Park

This one is for the campers, or for anyone who wants to stay as close to the lake as possible with their pets. They have camping sites, cabins and cottages available. "Pets are as much part of the family as anyone else and for this reason, well-socialized dogs are welcome at Lake Outlet Holiday Park at management’s discretion ($5 per night)," and you should advise the managers that you are bringing a dog prior to your arrival.

Happy holidaying, pet owners!

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