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5 Benefits of a Regular Walk For Your Dog

We all know it’s true, dogs love a good walk! I really enjoy seeing how excited our four legged customers get when we arrive to pick them up. But for our canine companions a walk offers so much more than just a bit of exercise. Here are 5 side effects to be gained from regular walks:

1. Enrichment

Imagine living your life being 100% reliant on the humans that care for you. That’s why your dog is SO excited when you take them out! A walk is their opportunity to see new sights, smell new smells, meet new friends and basically find out what’s going on in the world around them.

2. Decrease in Unwanted Behaviours

If you have a digger, a chewer, a door scratcher, a wanderer or a barker – chances are he’s just bored and looking for things to do to pass his time. So when you satisfy that need for something interesting to do, usually the unwanted behaviours disappear with it. Some breeds need more stimulation than others – if your neighbour’s Huntaway is barking all day, it’s probably because he’s a high energy breed that needs something to do and he’s never going to be content with just hanging out in the yard (give them our number!)


3. Training Opportunities

Training in the home is great. You get the treats and the clicker out and your dog knows exactly what to do. But by continuing the training outside of your home – on walking tracks, around town, down by the lakefront – you’re challenging him further by adding in new distractions. And let’s face it, when you’re out and about is the time you really want your dog to be responsive and behaving! Sitting when crossing the road, coming back to you when another dog approaches instead of running up to them, sitting for pats from strangers instead of jumping up – all these are behaviours that can be taught while you’re on your daily walk. Start slowly and make it easy for your dog to get it right. Patience is key!


4. Bonding Time

Dog’s are extremely sociable beings and they LOVE to spend time with their humans. Any time you spend with your dog is increasing the bond between you, which in turn means a happier, well-adjusted dog AND happier humans who enjoy having him around!


5. Fitness

Of course the most obvious benefit of a regular walk is to keep your dog fit and healthy. Same as humans, the best way to stay healthy is with a good diet and plenty of exercise. It doesn’t have to mean a run up Mt Iron twice a day or triathlon level training but an hour or so along one of our beautiful walking tracks will make all the difference. Your dog’s vet will thank you for it!

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