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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What time can I book a walk for my dog?
    We operate 7 days a week and offer walk options throughout the day between 9am-5am. We work in two hour timeslots, which means we'll arrive to pick up your dog within that 2 hour slot. This allows us to plan routes more efficiently and make sure we can match dogs on our group walks appropriately.
  • How often will you walk my dog?
    As often as you like! To qualify for our 'regular' rate you just need to book on the same day and timeslot each week. This can be 5 days per week, or just 1. Whatever suits you!
  • Will my dog walk with other dogs?
    We offer group and solo walk options to suit ALL dogs. If your dog enjoys company, we'll pair them with a buddy. I they're happier with a one-on-one walk, that's fine too! We do have certain requirements for dogs to be able to join our group walks which we are happy to discuss with you. We will ask you to book a trial solo walk with us if this is your dog's first time with us, so that we can make an assessment before adding them to a group.
  • My dog isn't spayed/neutered, is that ok?"
    That's aboslutely fine! We do require male dogs to be neutered for our group walks, but we are more than happy to take them for a solo walk if they're still entire. Female dogs in season will also be walked solo and on lead. Please let us know as soon as your female dog comes into season so we can arrange this.
  • Do you walk dog reactive dogs?
    We understand that many dogs can be reactive to other dogs for a variety of reasons. We are happy to accomadate solo walks for them, we just ask that you are honest about this so we can take the correct precautions to protect your dog from any negative encounters. We may require you to provide a muzzle for your dog - we find this helps for a much more relaxing and enjoyable walk for your dog (and tends to stop other dog owners from allowing their dog to rush up!). Unfortunately we are unable to care for any dog who has a history of biting people (even if it was just a one-off). This is to protect the well-being of our employees and the general public.
  • Will you walk my dog off-lead?
    We are happy to walk your dog off lead if they have a reliable recall (ie., they come back when you call them!). We will always use our best judgement and may feel an on-lead walk is a better option. Dogs who jump up on people, run up to other dogs etc will be walked on lead as per council animal control by-laws.
  • Do I need to be at home when you pick-up my dog?
    No! That's the great thing about our service - we can stop by while you're at work or out for the day. We'll ask for clear access instructions so we can pop in and out with no fuss and take your dog out. Many of our regular customers give us a key to hold onto, which we hold in a secure key safe until required. You can also leave us a key at your place (we suggest in a lock box) or let us know how to get to your dog's outdoor kennel. All this can be discussed and arranged at your initial meet & greet.
  • Will my dog always have the same walker?
    We work in a small team which means your walker may change from week to week. However over time your dog will get to know each of our walkers! Working this way allows for sickness, holidays etc so that your dog never has to miss out on their scheduled walk. Each of our employees has undergone extensive training and we are commited to ensuring you recieve a consistent level of service, no matter who from our team is walking is your dog.
  • Can you walk my dog today? Tomorrow?
    Unfortuantely we are unable to offer same-day bookings for any of our services. We ask that new customers contact us at least 7 days in advance - this allows us plenty of time to arrange a meet & greet (which is compulsory for all new customers) and to get all the information we require from you prior to service. Existing customers who have used our services before can request walks up to 24 hours in advance, however please be aware that at busy times we may need more notice than this.
  • Where will you walk my dog?
    We use local public tracks for our walks, and we are very lucky to have plenty of dog friendly tracks to choose from! We try to stay close by as this means less time in the car and more time exploring. For our Group Hike option we will drive outside of town to a quieter walking spot. We are always mindful of other track users and so will sometimes avoid tracks we know will be busy at certain times of year.
  • How do I know my dog was walked today?
    We use a really awesome system that allows our team to 'check-in' when they arrive at your place, and 'check-out' when they leave. This will send you a time-stamped report at the end of each walk along with photos of your dog enjoying their walk and comments from the walker.
  • What do I need to provide for my dog's walks?
    All we ask is that you provide a well-fitted collar (not able to slip over your dog's head) with ID tags and council registration tags. We can provide leads, poo bags and treats (please let us know if your dog has any allergies or follows a special diet - we use grain free fish and potato kibble from The Good Dog Food Co here in Wanaka). We are a Fear-Free Certified company which means we do not use any aversive training tools, including shock collars, slip leads, choke chains etc.
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